Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fulton County Seeks Public Input on Customer Service

As part of an ongoing effort to reach out to constituents about providing the best possible service to our community, Fulton County is asking residents to participate in an online survey.  The project is part of an initiative with the Ken Blanchard Companies to measure resident perceptions about customer service provided by Fulton County’s front-line employees, assessing what is done well and what are areas for improvement.
“We know our Fulton County employees take pride in the work they do on behalf of our constituents,” says Fulton County Manager Dick Anderson.  “We see Fulton as a leader in our focus areas of Service, Impact, and Efficiency and hope that those we serve can provide data crucial to ensuring a good team does an even better job for those citizens.”
The survey is part of a county-wide customer service training initiative in conjunction with the Ken Blanchard Companies’ Legendary Service model.  The program seeks to work to train 1,500 front-line employees starting in May 2016.  The data gathered in this survey will capture citizen’s perceptions of Fulton County services prior to the start of training efforts.  The county is seeking information on county services from the constituents who use them.  From patrons that check out materials at Fulton County libraries to those who request assistance from one of the county’s public safety agencies to taxpayers who deal with county staff to fund these activities, residents will evaluate how customer service should be provided by Fulton County.
The survey can be accessed by logging on to  This survey will be followed up with another in 2017 to measure the impact of customer service training.

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