Thursday, November 16, 2017

This Week's Fulton County Service Legend

Tracie Baugh is this week's Service Legend.

Tracie Baugh is this week's Service Legend because of her high level of professionalism, along with her kind and loving spirit.  Tracie is a Customer Service representative in the County Manager's Office of Customer Service. Here's her story. 

A caller contacted the Office of Customer Service and was desperate to get information about a Fulton County event.  The caller paid for and was excited about attending the activity; However, the caller had not received information about the location and time of the event.  The caller said, in today's fast paced, computer connected world it seems like people miss the importance of human interaction, For that reason, Tracie Baugh was a breath of fresh air. 

The customer said, "Tracie worked fast, efficiently and was clear in her communication.  She understood my situation and really worked hard to help. 
I really appreciate her and I thought Fulton County leadership might like to know."

Tracie Baugh is this week's Service Legend who believes in and exemplifies the County's customer service slogan - "BECAUSE WE CARE, WE SERVE".

Fulton County continues its work toward making the County 1st in Impact, Service and Efficiency.

Providing quality customer service is a part of the County's strategic plan and employees are key contributors when it comes to accomplishing this goal.  

Leadership recognizes employees are the first point of contact when it comes to service delivery.  In an effort to say "Thank You" for their exemplary service, this publication highlights employees who have delivered excellent customer service throughout their tenure with Fulton County.   

Congratulations Service Legend - Tracie Baugh!         

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