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2nd Quarter F.O.C.U.S. Awards for Exemplary Fulton County Employees

F.O.C.U.S. Awards Second Quarter Award Recipients

Fulton County offers F.O.C.U.S. Awards for outstanding employees who are on the front lines, providing the services that make an impact on the lives of our citizens.  The campaign highlights the passion of our staff and their commitment to providing the best possible support to our citizens that is at the core of our success as an organization.  Below are the 2nd quarter Fulton County employees highlighted who are making a difference in the lives of our residents every day.
Above and Beyond Award
When it comes to working with multiple clients both inside and outside Fulton County, keeping your priorities in order is a key. Donna Jenkins, Assistant Chief in the Purchasing Department, has mastered that ability and more. Donna works with multiple clients in the Control Compliance and Purchasing sector and recently completed an important project involving public infrastructure construction work in unincorporated south Fulton County. Her ability to understand and navigate unfamiliar territory concerning construction and purchasing was key in the project’s successful completion. Because of Donna’s desire to go above and beyond the parameters of her job, the entire unincorporated south Fulton Community and the planning and Community Services Team greatly benefited when the project was completed on time and within budget. Donna uses outstanding work ethic in all aspects of her position, never hesitating to offer guidance and assistance to her co-workers as they work with complex and challenging projects designed to provide Fulton County outstanding public service. It is with great pleasure we present Donna Jenkins with the Second Quarter 2017 FOCUS Award in the Above and Beyond Category.
Barbara Hollar is a Records and Documents Specialist in the Fulton County Health Department.
Community Service Award
Most of us have been touched by someone dealing cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that about 40% of the population will be affected by the disease either directly or indirectly. Barbara Hollar is a Records and Documents Specialist in the Health Department and when someone she knew was dealing with cancer, she cut her golden locks in honor of her dear friend who faced treatment and reconstructive surgery.
Barbara donated her clipped hair to Locks for Love to have a wig made for a financially disadvantaged child who lost her hair due to a medical condition. Her contribution inspired others to participate in not only learning more about cancer awareness, but also to become donors. Barbara shared her experience with her coworkers who joined her in “paying it forward” by doing acts of kindness to others. Her kindness in thinking of members of the community makes Barbara Hollar the perfect winner for the Second Quarter 2015 FOCUS Award for Community Service.
Veteran Lt. Moffett of the Fulton County Jail.
Heroism Award
On November 29, 2014, the Fulton County Jail suffered the most extensive damage to property at the hand of inmates in the history of the Rice Street Facility. Using jail issued uniforms and mattresses inmates willfully started a fire on the 7th floor maximum security housing unit of the jail. The fire burned continuously causing zero visibility because of the thick black smoke. Thanks to the quick actions of Lt Jeffery Moffett and Sgt. David Wells, two veteran members of the Sheriff's Office, a life threatening situation was averted. The two Officers re-entered the housing unit to ensure a total evacuation had taken place. Lt. Moffett and Sgt. Wells disregarded their own safety to save the lives of those who may still have been smoke filled facility. Not only did their brave actions possibly saved lives, their leadership displayed during a time of crisis was exemplary. We are proud to present the Second Quarter, 2015 FOCUS Award for Heroism to Lt.
Jeffery Moffett and Sgt. David Wells, You are our heroes!

The Health Services Team of Raymond Gotell, Vincent Broughton, Dwayne Charles, Walter Washington, and Javier Zamora.

Customer Service Award
The film "The Magnificent 7" was about a group of men who save a town from the bad guys by protecting citizens from the bullies. We have our own magnificent bunch right here  in Fulton County who save citizens every day by providing outstanding customer service! The Health Services Team of Raymond Gotell, Vincent Broughton, Dwayne Charles, Walter Washington, and Javier Zamora are responsible for building maintenance, office moves, deliveries, special events set-up and break downs, purchasing supplies and building security. They perform these duties for approximately 12 facilities in various locations around Fulton County. During the ice and snow storm earlier this year, team members prepared buildings with ice and salt solutions and debris removal to ensure the safety of citizens using those facilities. Some also coordinated the movement of vaccines from one facility to another as needed. The Health Services Team has demonstrated a spirit of unity and dedication to the citizens Fulton County and are deserving of the 2015 2nd quarter FOCUS Award for Customer Service!
Dr. Pauline Ewulonu, Fulton County Office of the Child Attorney.
Professional Excellence Award
Children are our most precious resource and, those entrusted with protecting those children are our most important citizens. Dr. Pauline Ewulonu of the Office of the Child Attorney exemplifies those principles. Dr. Ewulonu travels the state to various schools to attend the child client's Individualized Education plan meetings. She also reviews the medication the clients are using to determine if more evaluation is needed. Because of her efforts, children are enrolled in the correct courses, and are credited with all courses completed. In addition, Dr. Ewulonu remains focused on laws and policies regarding education to ensure that schools are complying with those procedures. She also spends time counseling with students, parents and educators on how to best pursue educational goals. We can rest assured that because of the dedication and expertise of Dr. Ewulonu, children in the care of the Office of the Child Attorney are getting the best possible guidance. We are proud to name Dr. Pauline Ewulonu the Second Quarter 2015 FOCUS Award for Professional Excellence!
Carlyn Mahone, a Registered Nurse with Fulton County Human Services Department.

Safety and Security Award
Taking care of our most fragile citizens requires compassion and dedication. Qualities exemplified by Carlyn Mahone, a Registered Nurse with Human Services. Carolyn cares for seniors with Alzheimer's disease in adult day care programs. She connects with those in her care on personal bases in order for the seniors to get to know her and feel comfortable in her presence. Her techniques include using a kind and gentle manner and engaging seniors through activates that promote laughter and comfort. She is quick to praise for any effort, small or large. Because of her caring nature, seniors feel safe and secure in adult day care, knowing that Nurse Carolyn is always there to provide love and support. For her dedication to helping our fragile citizens we are proud to name Nurse Carlyn Mahone the Second Quarter 2015 FOCUS Award winner for Safety and Security.
Leadership Award
Business magnate Ray Kroc once said: “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” Tracey Davis Gilbert’s efforts on behalf of Fulton seniors reveal her as the type of person dedicated to raising that standard.  Leadership qualities take many forms and thanks to Ms. Gilbert, Fulton County citizens are led by her caring and professional guidance. By doing careful research on the most effective ways to demonstrate leadership, Tracey has gained the respect and admiration of those in her care. By building a spirit of teamwork Tracey has created an environment that focuses on working together to accomplish goals. Her techniques have been successful in building confidence in the seniors in her care. Tracey leads by example and Fulton County seniors are the beneficiaries of her expertise and guidance. For her dedication to providing care and support to Fulton County's seniors, we are proud to name Tracey Davis Gilbert the Second Quarter 2015 FOCUS Award winner in the Leadership Category!

Stepfanie Pate Fulton County Office of Child Attorney.
Green Champion Award
Taking the initiative to improve the work environment is the mark of today's F.O.C.U.S
Award winner in the Green Champion category. That perfectly describes Stefanie Pate, a Special Services Coordinator in the Office of the Child Attorney. Because there were no recycling bins at the Juvenile Courthouse, Stefanie took the initiative to set up bins and once filled, take the recyclables to a location for proper processing. It was Stefanie’s idea to set up the bins around the Juvenile Court and then load the materials in her own car to take them to the recycling center. The main beneficiary of her efforts is the environment and her efforts have led to other employees getting involved in the recycling project. We congratulate Stefanie for her dedication to improving the work environment in the Juvenile Court and leading the way for others to follow her example.

Innovation and Ideas Awards
In January 2015, Georgia Vital Records changed software, which collects vital records information, including information relating to couples who apply for marriage licenses in the probate courts. The change required Information Technology Systems Analyst Terrence Harris to work with Vital Records to implement interaction between the new Georgia software and Fulton County software so that the information, which has to be sent to the State monthly, could be transmitted seamlessly. During the process, the State kept changing the format, requiring Mr. Harris to keep updating the Fulton County reports to make them acceptable under the new State standard. Mr. Harris worked with Georgia Vital Records to ensure that the information the Probate Court is required to send monthly to Vital Records was not only accurate, but in the exact format which the State required for its new system. His perseverance and determination paid handsome dividends for the benefit of the Probate Court, the Department of Information Technology, Fulton County, and the State of Georgia. Mr. Harris kept the Probate Court from having to enter the same information into the Fulton County Odyssey system and then into the Georgia GAVERS system, saving Fulton County upwards of 50 work hours of work per month of input time.



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